“I am talking about people who are routinely late.”

“I am not talking about the odd occasion of lateness. I am talking about people who are routinely late. In fact, never on time. You know who I am talking about!”

“And technology makes it worse. It seems texting or emailing that you are late somehow means you are no longer late.


You are rude. And inconsiderate.”

Here’s the article: http://blog.firebrandtalent.com/2011/07/no-you-are-not-running-late-you-are-rude-and-selfish/

Being late is so common nowadays that punctuality has become such a VIRTUE. Guilty I am, for I’m aware of my very bad habit of trying to be on time (or worse, deliberately five to ten minutes late depending on who I’m “dealing with”) and always ending up being late. I think one of the factors that contribute to that habit is the self-centered notion that your own time is so valuable that you don’t wish to spend time being early at all, since being early means waiting for time to pass until the scheduled appointment time. Worse still, when the people you’re going to meet are expected to be late, you’ll have to wait even longer.

Be early, be punctual!

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